Power Flush Rotherham

If you live in the Rotherham area and think your heating system would benefit from a power flush, then look no further GGB Heating Solutions can help. With over 20 years experience designing, installing, repairing and flushing central heating systems you can rest assured you are in safe hands.

Power Flushing Explained

A power flush is a professional internal cleaning of a central heating system. Using a specifically designed pump with a very high flow rate to flush dirt and debris out of a heating system. In conjunction with the pump chemicals will be used to help breakdown the debris also known as magnatite. To help speed up the process a magnetic filter maybe added while power flushing.

The Benefits of Power Flushing

Over years of use, a central heating system will suffer a build-up of black sludge called ‘magnetite’. This gets in the radiators and pipes. The sludge makes a boiler work harder, and it stops radiators from heating properly. You might find your home doesn’t feel as warm as before and your gas bills might go up.

A power flush removes the magnetite from the radiators and cleans the water that flows through the system. Radiators heat more evenly after a power flush and this helps the rooms warm up faster. A power flush also eases the burden on the boiler, extending its life and lowering utility bills.

Does Your Heating Need a Power Flush?

If you experience the following, it’s time to call us for a power flush:

  • Cold areas on radiators that are not solved by ‘bleeding’.
  • Unusual noises coming from the boiler
  • An unexplained rise in your gas usage
  • Rooms fail to get as warm as they used to

New central heating shouldn’t need a power flush, but an older system will probably benefit from having it done. We use quality chemicals and a professional flushing system to complete the work for you. Don’t trust your central heating to anyone; call GGB Heating Solutions for an expert power flushing service.

What to expect during your power flush!

Our experienced engineer will connect your central heating to our power flush machine in the most effective location. We require access to a foul-water drain, all the radiators on your system, your boiler and a cold-water supply.

We carry out the power flush process one radiator at a time, ensuring the water is completely clear before we move on to the next. Then we clean other components as needed, such as the header tank, and cylinder coil.  To finish, we balance and test the heating system.

Why Choose GGB Heating Solutions for a power flush in rotherham

Our Gas Safe registered and experienced engineers have power-flushed hundreds of heating systems over the years. We are an established and well-known local company who always put the customer first. 

We use quality chemicals and a professional flushing system to complete the work for you. Don’t trust your central heating to anyone; call GGB Heating Solutions for an expert power flushing service.

Power Flush Estimator

Price quoted is for Combination boiler and up to 8 radiators

Frequently asked questions

Prices start at £500 to power flush a central heating system.

Depending on the size of the heating system and how bad the heating system is, usually it takes between 6 to 10 hours.

Generally speaking not very often, however, if the route cause of the issue causing the build up of sludge is not repaired it could become more frequent.

If your radiators are not getting hot at the top but are at the bottom, then they may just need bleeding. However if they are warm at the top and not the bottom this could be a indication that your system may need power flushing.

Not usually, blockages need to be removed before power flushing, especially blockages in pipes.

Most reasons for power flushes do not work are misdiagnosis, inexperienced plumber/heating engineers giving the wrong advice. If your pump is faulty or slow a power flush will not cure the fault, like wise if the heating system is incorrectly fitted a power flush will not cure the problem.

There are many reasons a boiler could be making a banging noise during operation, it would be better advised to have a competent and skilled person to carry out a diagnosis of the fault before booking a power flush.

We cover all of the Rotherham areas from Maltby to Wickersley, Thorpe Hesley to Swinton and Mexborough.