Boiler Servicing in Mexborough

If your looking for a highly experienced and competent Gas Safe Registered boiler service technician in Mexborough or the Dearne Valley area GGB Heating Solutions have you covered. We off boiler servicing of all types of boilers from combi, back boilers, gas fires, system boiler and regular boilers. No matter what make or model your boiler is so long as it is natural gas we can service it. We are experts at servicing Worcester Bosch, Baxi, Vaillant, Alpha, Ideal, Atag and Viessmann boilers. We can also service any other make and model.

GGB Heating Solutions are Mexborough’s boiler servicing specialist with over 20 years in business keeping our customers boilers running like a dream.

Our approach to boiler servicing is, prevention is better than the cure. As you can see from the picture to the right we have replaced a damaged burner seal and worn electrodes, although the boiler was still working within 12 months this could have become dangerous or failed completely. This is a Worcester Bosch Greenstar Junior which is approximately 8 years old and has never had a service as per Worcester’s installation instructions recommendations.

Worcester Boiler Service


Appointments to Suit You

We work 6 days a week to offer appointments to suit your schedule. Operating Monday to Saturday, you can book a service from 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM.

Boiler Service prices

Boiler ServicesFixed Price
Combi Boiler£84 inc VAT
Regular Boiler£84 inc VAT
System Boiler£84 inc VAT
Back Boiler£126 inc VAT
Gas Fire£96 inc VAT
Boiler and Fire£126 inc VAT
Boiler and Unvented Cylinder£126 inc VAT
Boiler ServicesFixed Price
Combi Boiler£126 inc VAT
Regular Boiler£126 inc VAT
System Boiler£126 inc VAT
Back Boiler£168 inc VAT
Gas Fire£168 inc VAT
Boiler and Fire£168 inc VAT
Boiler and Unvented Cylinder£168 inc VAT

*All prices are excluding any parts which may be required. Also, callouts for boiler repairs after 5pm and Saturdays are £126 for up to 1 hour.

Trusted To Service Boilers in mexborough

Our focus is always what is best for our customers and this is shown time and time again in our workmanship. This is why so many people trust us with their boilers, and refer us to their friends and families.

We are highly trained specialists in the boiler servicing industry, attending multiple manufacturer training courses each year to ensure we stay ahead of our competition. Everything we learn we put into practice immediately this ensures you get the best quality service every single time. We aim to be the best at everything we do and give the best service we can every single time. Our after sales service is second to none which is reflected in our 5 star google reviews.

Finding a heating company in Mexborough to service your boiler can be hard, especially one that is trustworthy, reliable, courteous with over 20 years experience. But look no further we hare the only Gas safe Registered company you will need to know. So if you’ re looking for a reputable boiler servicing company near Mexborough or Dearne Valley area click here today and have your boiler serviced by your local boiler experts.

Incorrect Flue Used Baxi Boiler Service
Incorrect Flue Used Baxi Boiler Service

Why Boiler Servicing is Important

  • Gas can be dangerous. To keep your home and family safe.
  • Carbon monoxide checks. Carbon monoxide is produced when a boiler doesn’t burn fuel properly. If the flue isn’t clear, this lethal gas cannot escape. Annual servicing prevents carbon monoxide disasters.
  • A fully maintained boiler runs more efficiently and wastes less gas.
  • Make adjustments to components and parameters which may be required
  • Offer advice about your boiler and heating system with ways to improve or protect it better.
  • Boilers that are not maintained work harder to warm the home and can wear out quicker.
  • Boiler warranties are only valid when serviced annually by a Gas Safe engineer.

Don’t put it off – book a boiler service with us soon. It’s the best way to extend the life of your appliance and prevent unexpected breakdowns.

How Long Does A Boiler Service Take?

It usually takes an hour to service a boiler correctly. However, it depends on many factors, such as what condition the boiler is in, what make and model the boiler is, what the manufacturer requires during the service at that interval. As you can see from the pictures to the right these are the exact same boiler one we have serviced since we installed it and the other was installed and service by another company even though the boiler was the same age the condition of the two boilers were not. This is why it is extremely important to choose your boiler servicing company wisely.

Because we have been servicing boilers for so long throughout the Doncaster area we are very familiar with the area and the boilers which have usually been installed. Unfortunately how they have been installed and maintained will remain a mystery until we are on site. But rest assured we will inform you as soon as possible if anything isn’t quite right

Alpha Boiler Service
Vaillant Boiler Service

What To Expect During A GGB Heating Solutions Boiler Service?

Our company process for all boiler services is to where possible, exceed any requirements from either Gas Safe or the boiler manufacturer. Our reason for this is we take preventative measures to actively ensure your boiler is working as efficiently as possible and reduce any failure in the future. Our company process is described below:

  • Volt Stick test: we are testing the casing to ensure the boiler is safe to work on.
  • Visual Inspection: this is a continuous inspection. We are checking to ensure the boiler is installed to to manufacture’s instructions, building regulations and gas safety standards. Also any abnormalities such as rusting in the casing, flue secured and more…
  • Operation: we are checking to ensure the boiler is operating correctly.
  • Safe Isolation: we are checking to make sure the boiler is safe to work on.
  • Strip and Clean: this varies between manufacturer’s and models, some have models and should be cleaned at regular intervals, some require gasket replacements at regular intervals, other boilers require a test to decide whether it requires a full strip down.
  • Checking Expansion Vessel: we always test the expansion vessel during a service and regularly replace the schrader valve. If not checked it can result in the boiler constantly loosing pressure.
  • Cleaning the magnetic filter: through our experience we have learnt not to clean every filter mainly because we can’t always get service kits for the cheaper filters which results in needing to replace some faulty filters. We will advise you if we haven’t cleaned your magnetic filter and why.
  • Gas Pressure: we will check to ensure the boiler is receiving the correct gas pressure, depending on your boiler we will clean the gas valve gauze if required.
  • Emissions Check: using a flue gas analyser we will inspect the emissions of the boiler to ensure the boiler is operating correctly.
  • Flue integrity: We we test the air inlet to ensure the inner flue isn’t cracked ensuring none of the burnt fumes are being