How GGB Heating Solutions Ltd Can Help You Save Money From Your Gas Bill?

We hate to say this, but with the alarming rise of energy prices we are doing what we can to bring affordable solutions to our customers. So, they can get the most out of their heating systems and save a few quid along thew way. The past few years have been crazy with the future looking just as unpredictable. We at GGB Heating Solutions decided we wanted to help as many people as possible get their heating systems as effective and efficient as possible. Not just informing and educating people of how they can reduce their ever-rising energy bills but also, give them the people who can do the work. There is a reason we have SOLUTION in the name because this is what we do. We solve your heating problems.

Below are just a few ways we at GGB Heating Solutions Ltd can help you save money on your energy bills.

Boiler Replacement

By replacing your old, inefficient, unreliable boiler with a new energy efficient boiler could save you up to 40% on your heating bills. Not only will a new boiler give you peace of mind, it will also pay for itself from the money you would save on your heating bills and boiler repairs. With our boiler installations it isn’t just the boiler which will be saving you money, included will be upgraded central heating controls to give you more control of your central heating and central heating system flush to restore some of the heat and efficiency back into them old radiators. All these things play a significant part in the heating of your home and the cost.

Our bargain prices start at just £2000 for a new boiler replacement which will give you a 7 years manufacturer’s warranty and peace of mind. You don’t just have to have our lowest priced boiler as we ill supply and fit any boiler you choose but we have 3 main boilers we like to install because we have found these to be the greatest value for money Alpha E-tec, Baxi 800 series and Worcester 8000. With over 20 years in this business we have installed, repaired and serviced to which we have found these 3 boilers to be by far the best boilers on the market at this moment in time. Also we aren’t the type of heating company to boiler sling and run, we take so much pride in our work that we want to come back every year and service it.

Boiler Servicing

Ensuring that your boiler is working to its best abilities could save you up to 15% on your heating bills compared to the same boiler which hasn’t been serviced or serviced correctly.

We don’t just inspect boilers and call it a service like some of our competitors, we actually remove, clean and adjust boiler components not just to minimise the risk of unwanted breakdowns, this also increases the boiler’s lifespan and ensures the boiler works as the manufacturer intends it to.

We always take a proactive approach to boiler servicing, searching for small problems and rectifying them before they turn into big problems in the future. Our goal is to minimise as many problems as possible with your boiler.

We will clean your filters advise you when parts are required, advise you when your inhibitor needs replenishing or if your central heating requires flushing. As we all know prevention is cheaper than the cure.

Power Flushing

One of the main reasons boilers and heating systems stop working correctly or totally fail is a build-up of sludge (magnetite) in the radiators.

This means your boiler has to work harder to circulate the warm water round your heating system, which can result in radiators not getting as hot as they did before or not get warm at all. Sludge doesn’t just cause radiators not to get hot it can also cause issues with the hot water.

This fault could be causing you small fortune as you may have customers where a heat exchanger has blocked and causing the 5 year old boiler to not work now the manufacturer wont honour the warranty because failures caused by sludge are not covered under the terms and conditions, or a pipe which is buried in the wall has become blocked, now the radiator/s don’t work and we have to either remove the blockage or install a new pipe.

All these things can be preventative by doing the correct things at the point of installation and testing on every service to carry out preventative measures.

Once you have had your central heating power flushed your radiators will get hotter faster as a result warming your home reducing the risk of boiler failure and lower your heating bills by up to 25%. Also reducing the amount of sludge will reduce the number of times your boiler breakdown.

Upgrading Heating Controls

Not only gives you more control over the way you use your heating but also reduces the overall cost of your heating bills by between 10-12%.

Smart controls allow you to control your heating from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection, this allows you to make sure your heating isn’t working when no one is home, from another perspective if you’re going to be home early you can switch the boiler on so the house is warm before you return.

They also allow you to set the temperature multiple times per day ensuring it stays at a nice steady temperature throughout the day regardless how busy your schedule is. Also, because you never actually turn the heating off, you are setting the temperature to be reduced. If the house never drops below the set temperate the boiler won’t come on, but if it does it will bring the temperature back up, which prevents the fabric of the building getting too cold, this will allow your home to warm up faster and keep at a more even temperature.

Thermostatic radiator Valves

I don’t know if it’s just people I know that will put the heating on and when it gets too hot in a specific room either turn it off or open a window.

Talk about frustrating, it took me a while to educate my kids in this so we can control individual rooms with the thermostatic radiator valves which when the air temperature reaches what the valve is set to it will turn the radiator off, and when it cools it will bring it back on, therefore never allowing the room to get too hot, I also must stress this works in conjunction with your room thermostat.

Same as reducing the temperature in rooms which have little to no use or bedrooms where no one is in most of the time. This could easily save you 10% off your energy bills when used correctly.

Replacing Radiators

Upgrading your old inefficient radiators with a more modern and technologically advance radiator can not only help reduce your heating bills but give you a more evenly heated room, especially if replacing none convector type radiators with a convector radiator, this technology allows the same size radiator to emit up to 30% more heat into the room. Not only are the new radiators more aesthetically pleasing, they can also reduce your bills, especially if they currently have cold spots aren’t getting as warm as they did before.

We have some amazing solutions to you heating problems at tremendous prices. We also offer some limited time Special Offers and discounts so please follow us on social media to find all our latest offers and discounts. These are just some of the solutions we have to reduce your energy consumption and help you save a few quid on your bills at the same time. We are always looking for new products and ways to help our customers/ audience save money.